Christmas balls in Photoshop

Christmas balls in Photoshop

Русская версия урока.

We are waiting for Christmas time and excitements is everywhere. People think about the gifts, costumes, home, and Christmas trees decorations etc. Let us not fall behind.

Many of those who is a beginner and slightly mastered in Photoshop, loves to pamper their loved ones with greeting cards, painted with their own hands.

In a previous lesson I already mentioned how to create an element known as an ice text. Now I want to share the process of creating of Christmas balls.

новогодний шар - урок фотошоп

  1. As always, let’s open Photoshop and create a new document with white background. I have the one with dimensions of 800 ? 600 pixels. The large canvas we do not need today, and that suits well within the whole size of the monitor.
  2. Create a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + N). With a Elliptical Marquee Tool [M], hold down Shift, select area and fill it with a dark blue (# 00146e).
    зима в Photoshop
  3. In the layer_effects let’s add an inner glow, with parameters as in the screenshot.
    Photoshop новогодняя открытка
  4. Let’s create a new layer and using blue brush with soft edges and a large diameter, put a trace. If the color turned to be intense, play with the transparency.
    рисуем открытку в фотошоп
  5. In the same way lighten the top and bottom of the ball.
    Photoshop новогодняя елка
  6. Change the color of your brush to dark-blue and make a few blackouts.
    Праздник Новый год
  7. Now add the highlight. In order to make it let’s select the oval area, as shown below.
    Новогодние игрушки

    Create a new background and with the gradient [G] then fill this part from white to transparent, from the top to bottom. Reduce the opacity to 20%.

    Фотошоп урок
  8. Taking brushes of different diameters, with soft edges, draw a few highlights. Each highlight is better to put on a new layer, and then, if you wish, play with the level of transparency.
    Новогодние шары
  9. Now let's draw that little thing, I do not know how you call it, through which the ball rests on the tree. Using a Pen Tool [P] draw here this flourish.
    урок фотошоп - новогодний шар
  10. Apply to this layer effect of «Gradient» with the following settings, as shown on the screenshot

    photoshop урок фотошоп
    открытка новогодняя в photoshop

    And here it is the result.
    готовимся к новому году
  11. On the top of it let’s draw a little oval.
    Photoshop зима и новый год

    Apply the following effects
    игрушки на новый год
    украшаем елку
    новогодние игрушки фотошоп

    Gradient overlay from black to white

  12. Let’s create a new layer. Draw the lace. Between this layer and layer with oval let’s make one more layer, where with dark-colored brash with soft edges will put two points — the holes where lace goes out.
    Before the layer with “holder” in step #9 make a new layer and draw with dark-blue brush a soft line creating a slight shadow under it.
    photoshop открытка поздравление
  13. Don’t forget to add images and shadows. Note that the shadow is not black but slightly bluish, as we have half transparent ball and light has to pass through it. In order to achieve the effect of glass let’s put on the “back” side of our ball little noticeable pattern too. That is all, ball is ready.
    стеклянный шар на елку в фотошопе

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